Friday, December 5, 2014

Vitina's WE Day Posters.

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"Hi there." "This is how to make a great Poster in a slide deck."

Okay, well. I chose Molly Burke because the sounds that come from irrational children irritate me. (Also because that one poster caught my eye the most, but that's just me.) BUT THERE'S OTHER REASONS. Silence can be loud. In a way, I guess. If everyone could stop what they were doing for a moment and shut up, imagine what it'd sound like. I wouldn't know because everyone is so damn loud. But if it was actually quiet, don't you think everyone would notice? Kind of like when one person is being loud and everybody looks at you like your a freak. (Or that's what it seems like. :P) Well yeah, being silent has the same impact, if not, more.

(Not sure if this is what you meant as of asking "why" I chose it. This is why I chose it. In simpler terms, it's pretty, and I hate children.)


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