Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vitty's Term 2 Stuff

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Stuff for Term 2. :T

We Day Postcard and Bookmark:-

                                                                ('Aight, it looked way more gorgeous before, but Google Drive only knows how to make things ugly.)

  Math Percents Video

  Kinetic Typography Movie  

Things that I learned:

    I learned how to make a gorgeous bookmark look like complete garbage in the matter of a click. I also learned that animating things on Microsoft is tedious. It doesn't even look appealing. Other than those things, I have not learned anything.

Things that I look forward to(Things I'd like to do):

    I look forward to never doing those projects again. I'd like to make a videogame or something. Not some dumb trivia that we'll make on "Scratch", but like an actual videogame. Like a crappy knockoff of Pong or Pokaman(Pokemon). But that "How To" video sounds fun, I look forward to that. I want to continue off from my grade 6 "How to get Saria Mad" tutorial.


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