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Cheska's Greece Unproject

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Greece Unproject.

My Greece Unproject are about education because I think It is so fun to discovered more about the ancient Greek's education.

  • How they teach? 
  • What they use?
  • What do they learned?
  • How does there cycle goes?
  • How they start the class? 
  • Where do they teach children?

Cheska's Prezi Timeline

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My Prezi Timeline.

I made my Prezi Timeline because I wanted to represent myself and where I went already and how I became Cheska Santos.

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Colton's Greece Unproject

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Olympic Themed

My unproject will be Olympic themed including archery, Discus and torches. In the ancient Greece times they held the same Olympics we have today, only difference is that our sports we have now were not always included in the Olympics then. The unproject will consist of stop motion or video for each event i picked!


Discus (I used a Frisbee)