Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tran We Day Poster

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Craig and Marc Kielburger had an image of We Day in thier minds and worked hard to make that image come to life. They have worked so hard that We Day is now an international event. 
What is special about this event is that you can not buy a ticket to it, you have to earn it with your hard work, just like Craig and Marc did with their hard work of making their image become a reality.

There are people in this world who think they are not worth value and those people tend to lable them self. Marc and Craig Kielburger how ever knows that life is worth more than just value and lables and they stand up and do things to show people that they are worth more than they think they do.
 People often look at an issue as something bad, but they do not underestand that if you add something simple like a gift then maybe they can minipulate the situation and make it a chnage.
Craig looks at different issues and have a way of turning it into a change. Remember that you are gifted so when you have an issue use your gift to the best of your advantage and turn the issue into a change.

Niomi and Faith has been diagnoste with Aids since they were little, however they didn't let that stop them from being kids. these girls figured out that in life you just simply can't keep being mad or upset at the situation that has been put in front of you, so instead they spend every day being kids, they play, laugh and basically just be kids, they don't have much care for what life has put in front of them instead they say that "they are too busy living life to the fullest to care about it." and I completly understand and support their idea and concept of life.


This is how to make a great poster in a slide deck 


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