Friday, October 31, 2014


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Talent show

-Never post stuff that will hurt you or anyone else
-Dont post things you will regret later
-Dont say mean things online or real life

Bulletin board

-Whatever you post online cannot be undone
-Just like the quote think before you act think before you post

Words Hurt

-Bystanders are just as bad as the bully
-People dont care what they say to other people
-words hurt other people so think about what you say

-Even friends can bully you so think about the people you hang out with

Internet Safety Post, AJ

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This is my first post

Talent Show Video

Think before you do anything online because the internet is forever. Don't bully people
in real life or online.
Bulletin Board Video

Don't ever post some stuff everywhere that are inappropriate in the internet.
It says right on the video ''Think before you post''.
Words Hurt Video

The thing about the person in the video is that she let words from other people like beat her up.
Bullying is a bad thing everywhere you go. Treat others like you want to be treated.
Kitchen Video

It's just like the third and first videos where like the person talks about words that describe the person the more abusive way. The person that bullies should know that why is he/she bullying him?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Josh's Internet Safety Post

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This is my first post.

Talent Show

-She's encouraged because nobody is stopping this so called "Talent"
-She's putting down a girl
-Bystanders are bystanding *Ding*

Bulletin Board

-Nothing can be taken down on the internet
-Be careful what you put on the internet
-Anything can be seen on the internet

Words Hurt

-Bystanders are still Bystanding *Ding*
-Those girls are being some disrespectful people. If the same thing happened they'd react like "WAH WAH SHE HURT MY FEELINGS!!!WAH WAH WAH!"
-Nobody should be treated like that EVER


-Outta The blue just something really rude
-Same thing I said up there. She'd make a big deal out of it
-The mom doesn't do A THING *Ding*

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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Talent show

Bulletin Board

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Emma's' internet safety post

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This is my first post.

talent show video

don't forward hate mail
if you wont say it in person, don't type it either
don't make fun of people, its not cool
don't judge people by how they look.
the internet isn't secret, people know how mean thing are

bulletin board 

what you put on the internet, it stays.
be careful what you put online
anyone can Se what you post
be cyber smart
you cant take back what you post

words hurt

words can hurt peoples feelings
what you say online can hurt just as much as in person
bullying online isn't acceptable, just like in real life
people can hear what you say behind there back


what you say on the internet hurts just as much as in real life
being mean online is no excuse for being mean
if you wouldent say it irl, dont type it either

Tatiana's internet safety post

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this is my first post

talent show video

if you wouldn't say it in person don't say it online
delete cyber bullying
don't forward cyber bullying
dont send hate mail
don't do it

Bullion bored 

think before you post
once its online anyone can see it
once its up you cannot take it back
don't post it if you don't want people to see it
if you think it is gone it is really still there FOREVER
words hurt

words hurt don't be a part of it
word like loser and geek hurt people
don't be a bystander
strong words a very hurtful to others
treat others how you want to be treated not with hurtful words and bullying

kitchen cyber bullying

dont talk about other people with disrespect
dont speak about others parents
if you say it online why can you say it in person
dont call people names like "tramp zitface ugly etc" because you feel the need to make them feel bad

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Monday, October 27, 2014

2nd assignment, I am a teen

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My Favorite Song with mild lyrics is happy by Emmanuelle Vera.

A Hobby that I like is basketball.

A Sport I like is Basketball

A Movie Star I like is Paul Walker and Vin Diesel.


A Movie I want to see is Relax, It’s just Pag-Ibig

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