Thursday, October 30, 2014

Josh's Internet Safety Post

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This is my first post.

Talent Show

-She's encouraged because nobody is stopping this so called "Talent"
-She's putting down a girl
-Bystanders are bystanding *Ding*

Bulletin Board

-Nothing can be taken down on the internet
-Be careful what you put on the internet
-Anything can be seen on the internet

Words Hurt

-Bystanders are still Bystanding *Ding*
-Those girls are being some disrespectful people. If the same thing happened they'd react like "WAH WAH SHE HURT MY FEELINGS!!!WAH WAH WAH!"
-Nobody should be treated like that EVER


-Outta The blue just something really rude
-Same thing I said up there. She'd make a big deal out of it
-The mom doesn't do A THING *Ding*


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