Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Emma's' internet safety post

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This is my first post.

talent show video

don't forward hate mail
if you wont say it in person, don't type it either
don't make fun of people, its not cool
don't judge people by how they look.
the internet isn't secret, people know how mean thing are

bulletin board 

what you put on the internet, it stays.
be careful what you put online
anyone can Se what you post
be cyber smart
you cant take back what you post

words hurt

words can hurt peoples feelings
what you say online can hurt just as much as in person
bullying online isn't acceptable, just like in real life
people can hear what you say behind there back


what you say on the internet hurts just as much as in real life
being mean online is no excuse for being mean
if you wouldent say it irl, dont type it either


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