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This is my postcard from the Nazca Lines

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hi there
Spencer west is a person who does not have legs but he redefines impossible by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro  Travis Price is a person who lives in nova Scotia with his dad preventing bullying by donationg pink shirts to people

Jordan's We Day Posters

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I chose Spencer West because his life was saved by science and the ablilty to stay strong under those circumstances, climb a mountain and become a differance maker. He did all of that with no legs and even had a car made for him so that he could drive!

Zack's We Day Posters

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I chose these quotes because they are pretty interesting. With the "Rock your Differences" quote I thought it would be great to do something special with the rock part of it. I chose the other quote because it was one of the quotes that everyone was doing but I decided to put chocolates because I don't know... I like chocolate.

Vitina's WE Day Posters.

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"Hi there." "This is how to make a great Poster in a slide deck."

Okay, well. I chose Molly Burke because the sounds that come from irrational children irritate me. (Also because that one poster caught my eye the most, but that's just me.) BUT THERE'S OTHER REASONS. Silence can be loud. In a way, I guess. If everyone could stop what they were doing for a moment and shut up, imagine what it'd sound like. I wouldn't know because everyone is so damn loud. But if it was actually quiet, don't you think everyone would notice? Kind of like when one person is being loud and everybody looks at you like your a freak. (Or that's what it seems like. :P) Well yeah, being silent has the same impact, if not, more.

(Not sure if this is what you meant as of asking "why" I chose it. This is why I chose it. In simpler terms, it's pretty, and I hate children.)

Reginald's WE DAY Poster

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              Hi there these two amazing people are Ashley Murphy and Spencer West. Spencer West and Ashley Murphy are known as difference makers. I chose Ashley Murphy's quote "Rock Your Difference" because every person is different and rocking your difference is a good thing.

Rosheena's We Day Posters

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Hi there, I picked ''Rock your differences'' by Ashley Murphy because it's a true statement, It show reality that everyone has their own differences . That everyone is unique in their own way and differences is something to be proud of. Differences makes this world fun and awesome and without it our world would be boring. Rocking our differences makes us unique from everyone else.

Dan's We Day Poster

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Hi there these people are from we day who are difference makers such as Ashley Rose Murphy and Spencer West. They also have inspiring quotes like "rock your difference" and "No cant No wont Only How". These quotes were from Ashley Rose Murphy and Spencer West. The quote "No cant No Wont Only How" is an inspiring quote because no matter what the person tells you to do the only thing you should say how do i do it no wont no cant only how. Spencer West had no legs and he climbed a mountain. That's pretty impressive.

Leandro's We Day Posters

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Malala Yousafzai was a girl who went to school in Afghan then was shot in the head for speaking up against the Afghans taking the girls from the school. After that incident, she went to America to tell the people of what she thinks about this problem. Girls in Afghan just want some education, but become kidnapped just because they are going to school.

Angelo's WE Day Poster

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           Hi there, these people are amazing and they are difference makers like they amazing with no words to describe them because their just amazing. Ashley Rose Murphy is one of a kind like one of us.He was born with HIV and not alot of people can do that. She's a fighter and difference maker....One of her quotes Rock your differnece and that is a roll model.

Kate's We Day Posters

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Hi There Ashley Murphy is a difference maker because she is still waking up everyday even though she has hiv/aids and she still make people that has hiv to fight for their illness. She shares her experience  I chose this quote because it's cool and it says that we should be proud of our differences


This is how to have a great slide deck....

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We Day Colton

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Spencer West is a fanominal person he has proven scientists wrong!! He has proven science wrong by doing things only an active person in society could do such as climb Mount Kilimanjaro. He has climbed Mt. K. with the help of two friends Craig and Marc Kielburger. At an early age Spencer had to have his legs amputated and by amputating them he was told he would never be an active participant in society, and by his travels he has REDEFINED his POSSIBLE! The reasoning for choosing this picture and quote because both the image and picture spoke out to me!

-Find a Great quote that speaks to someone
-Find a picture(s) available to be modified
-Upload the image as a background
-Add a textbox or textboxes
-incorporate typography in your quote( after you type it in the textbox(es))
-Add in the person who stated the quote

Filipe's We Day Posters

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Sidney-"It's our job to ignite our spark and keep the flame going." This quote is cool because what she said is right. We are the ones who have to ignite our spark and keep the flame going. No one else can do that for us besides us. It is also cool because she talked about flames, which is us, Sargent Park Flames. I think that she took a pretty unique and cool approach to what she was trying to say. In a way she was direct and indirect.  
Spencer West-"Forget the cant's, forget the wont's, go for the how's." This quote is cool because he tells you that you shouldn't think that you can't do it or won't be able to do it you should just be thinking about how you are going to do it. I really like the quote that's why I picked it. It's a really inspirational quote. 

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Matthe's WE DAY Poster

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Hi There.Spencer West is a legless man,who works hard. He even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.Spencer, whose legs were amputated below the pelvis when he was five years old due to a genetic disorder. He spent over a year for personal trainer in preparation for climb, which he made $500 000 to create clean water programs in Kenya.

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Sham's We Day Posters

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Hi there!
Molly Burke used to be bullied when she was in school. She was injured, and had crutches and the popular girls ditched her in a forest, alone. They broke her crutches, and she couldn't get up. She couldn't do anything. Molly Burke is blind. She lost her vision when she was fourteen. She cannot see at all and has a seeing eye dog named Gypsy, who is her best friend, to help her get around. She speaks for all the people who are bullied and feel like they don't have a voice.
"Its our time to stand up for what we believe in." I choose this quote because its telling everyone that your differences don't matter, everyone has a right to stand up for what they believe in. This quote just spoke to me and I think its really motivational and encouraging.

Tran We Day Poster

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Craig and Marc Kielburger had an image of We Day in thier minds and worked hard to make that image come to life. They have worked so hard that We Day is now an international event. 
What is special about this event is that you can not buy a ticket to it, you have to earn it with your hard work, just like Craig and Marc did with their hard work of making their image become a reality.

There are people in this world who think they are not worth value and those people tend to lable them self. Marc and Craig Kielburger how ever knows that life is worth more than just value and lables and they stand up and do things to show people that they are worth more than they think they do.
 People often look at an issue as something bad, but they do not underestand that if you add something simple like a gift then maybe they can minipulate the situation and make it a chnage.
Craig looks at different issues and have a way of turning it into a change. Remember that you are gifted so when you have an issue use your gift to the best of your advantage and turn the issue into a change.

Niomi and Faith has been diagnoste with Aids since they were little, however they didn't let that stop them from being kids. these girls figured out that in life you just simply can't keep being mad or upset at the situation that has been put in front of you, so instead they spend every day being kids, they play, laugh and basically just be kids, they don't have much care for what life has put in front of them instead they say that "they are too busy living life to the fullest to care about it." and I completly understand and support their idea and concept of life.


This is how to make a great poster in a slide deck 

We Day

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"Hi there." I choose Malala as my presentation because she was brave enough to fought for people who can't talk for themselves and even though she was tried to put silence, she is still strong no matter what. Malala is also fight for right education for women because I think everyone deserves to be educate and everyone belongs to school too.
We Day presentation 

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Jonathan's We Day Poster

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Hi there.
Craig Kielburger is a Canadian activist for children's rights. Craig co-founded the Free the Children charity with his brother Marc Kielburger and is also a co-founder of the Me to We social enterprise. I picked his quote, "Gift plus issue equals change." because of the simplicity and quote-worthiness of the phrase.

Travis Price of Berwick, Nova Scotia, along with his friend David Shephard, distributed 50 pink shirts after ninth grader Charles McNeill was bullied for wearing a pink shirt at school. This event started the annual Pink Shirt Day, occurring every February 27. His quote was picked because it seems like an inspiring phrase and it has a good point, to focus on what you can do rather than what you cannot.


we day

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                                                                           hi there

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Hi there

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Nicole's Internet Safety

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This is my first post.

cc photo

                                                                                 Talent show video 

1.Think before you post 
2.Be smart with what you post
3.Don't post anything that you will regret later on
5.Have privacy 

Words  Hurt 
1.Words hurt 
2.Think before you say anything 
3.If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all 
3.Don't be a by stander 
4.Treat everyone the way you want to be treated 


5.Think before you say

Internet Safety Post

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This is my first post.
Talent Show Video

If you can't say it in person, why online. Delete cyber
5 points

Bulletin Board

Think before you post

Words Hurt

Words hurt. Don't be a part of  it.


If you don't say it in person. why online. Delete cyber

Sham's Internet Safety Post

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This is my first post.

Talent show video

If you wouldn't say it in person, why say it online?
Don't write cyber bullying messages
Don't forward cyber bullying messages
Cyber bullying can hurt people
Don't encourage cyber bullying

Bulletin board
Think before you post
Anyone can see what you post
You can't delete what you post, its always there
Be smart about what you post
Anyone can save your photos

Words hurt
Words can hurt people
Don't be a bystander
Don't be involved in it
Your words affect people
Mean words can make people feel bad about themselves

Kitchen cyber bullying  

Don't call people names
Don't spread rumors
 Don't participate in name-calling
Don't say mean things to embarrass people
Bad rumors can spread and hurt someone/ruin someones life

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Talent show

-Never post stuff that will hurt you or anyone else
-Dont post things you will regret later
-Dont say mean things online or real life

Bulletin board

-Whatever you post online cannot be undone
-Just like the quote think before you act think before you post

Words Hurt

-Bystanders are just as bad as the bully
-People dont care what they say to other people
-words hurt other people so think about what you say

-Even friends can bully you so think about the people you hang out with

Internet Safety Post, AJ

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This is my first post

Talent Show Video

Think before you do anything online because the internet is forever. Don't bully people
in real life or online.
Bulletin Board Video

Don't ever post some stuff everywhere that are inappropriate in the internet.
It says right on the video ''Think before you post''.
Words Hurt Video

The thing about the person in the video is that she let words from other people like beat her up.
Bullying is a bad thing everywhere you go. Treat others like you want to be treated.
Kitchen Video

It's just like the third and first videos where like the person talks about words that describe the person the more abusive way. The person that bullies should know that why is he/she bullying him?

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Josh's Internet Safety Post

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This is my first post.

Talent Show

-She's encouraged because nobody is stopping this so called "Talent"
-She's putting down a girl
-Bystanders are bystanding *Ding*

Bulletin Board

-Nothing can be taken down on the internet
-Be careful what you put on the internet
-Anything can be seen on the internet

Words Hurt

-Bystanders are still Bystanding *Ding*
-Those girls are being some disrespectful people. If the same thing happened they'd react like "WAH WAH SHE HURT MY FEELINGS!!!WAH WAH WAH!"
-Nobody should be treated like that EVER


-Outta The blue just something really rude
-Same thing I said up there. She'd make a big deal out of it
-The mom doesn't do A THING *Ding*

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Talent show

Bulletin Board

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Emma's' internet safety post

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This is my first post.

talent show video

don't forward hate mail
if you wont say it in person, don't type it either
don't make fun of people, its not cool
don't judge people by how they look.
the internet isn't secret, people know how mean thing are

bulletin board 

what you put on the internet, it stays.
be careful what you put online
anyone can Se what you post
be cyber smart
you cant take back what you post

words hurt

words can hurt peoples feelings
what you say online can hurt just as much as in person
bullying online isn't acceptable, just like in real life
people can hear what you say behind there back


what you say on the internet hurts just as much as in real life
being mean online is no excuse for being mean
if you wouldent say it irl, dont type it either