Thursday, November 27, 2014

Filipe's We Day Posters

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Sidney-"It's our job to ignite our spark and keep the flame going." This quote is cool because what she said is right. We are the ones who have to ignite our spark and keep the flame going. No one else can do that for us besides us. It is also cool because she talked about flames, which is us, Sargent Park Flames. I think that she took a pretty unique and cool approach to what she was trying to say. In a way she was direct and indirect.  
Spencer West-"Forget the cant's, forget the wont's, go for the how's." This quote is cool because he tells you that you shouldn't think that you can't do it or won't be able to do it you should just be thinking about how you are going to do it. I really like the quote that's why I picked it. It's a really inspirational quote. 


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