Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jordan's Internet Safety Post

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This is my first post.

Talent Show Video

-If you can say bad stuff on the internet, why not do it in person?
-Talent shows are great for insulting people publicly.
-This girl has obviously practiced this before.
-Be careful on what digital footprint you leave behind.
-Badmouthing someone is not nice and should not be used at all!
Bulletin Board

-Posting personal pictures on a bulletin board is not worth it.
-Do not post pictures of your friends without their permission.
-Be careful of what you post, it will get you back somehow.
-Schools are some of the worst places to post personal pictures.
-Once you post something, it is there FOREVER you cannot get rid of it no matter how hard you try.
Words Hurt

-Words are solid objects that can attack and maim you
-Some people are just not nice
-Do not be apart of the offending group, it will not solve anything
-If you are apart of the offending group, your 'friends' will leave you eventually.
-Words are the most powerful weapon, use it responsibly

-The offender must like being weird
-Staying alone with friends can make the situation escalate rather quickly
-Make sure you practice your vocabulary instead of taking some words and using them.
-It is not nice to insult anyone's parents or children, especially if they are in the same room or next to you.
-This girl better have a pretty good excuse and escape plan after doing that.


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