Friday, February 20, 2015

Sharmane's Term 2 Amazing stuffs

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Here is my awesome stuffs.

We Day Postcard and bookmark

Kinetic Typography Movie

Math Movie

In term 2 I have learned a lot of things like converting my animation into a movie and i also learned making kinetic typography and uploading it all  on YouTube. We did a lot of editing to make sure everything is good and ready to upload. I enjoyed making the Freak The Mighty Quote and make the quotes stand out and make it more creative and having fun with the words. We did some math  movie when we have to take a video and upload this to the computer then put it on YouTube.

In term 3 I want to spend more time on popcorn maker where u edit a video to make it look better and put fun words,  u can also transfer a picture with it too so it's more creative and have a really good mark. I also want to learn how to make the video perfectly.


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