Friday, February 20, 2015

Cheska's Term 2 Amazing Stuff

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Here is my awesome stuff for the whole Term 2

In term 2 I had learn a lot of things about publishing and making a kinetic typography, and also uploading a video in YouTube. We also did some editing on a video. And I really enjoyed this term because we did some video that involves math.... and I think that's an extra circular for me, it's an extra practice and learning. It also helped me grow more in math. And the stuff we did this term were the kinetic typography movie, we day, bookmark, postcard, math movie (which I like most), the freak the mighty power point and the popcorn maker where we can edit some of our videos we did.I also learned how to convert some animation and the text. and the most favorite stuff we did is when I get to choose any of the animation and side effects in the Freak the Mighty typography, it was so fun exploring all the animation and side effect I can do in text and also pictures.

In term 3 I want to improve more on editing the video and using more of the popcorn maker. I also want to learn more about technology like, creating a whole awesome video or slides. And make my slides or video more awesome and great. This next term i also want to do more of uploading videos about math, because I think that was amazing and fun. It actually help me a lot.


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