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Jojeff's Greece unproject

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                     Ancient Greece Olympics

My unproject will be about the Ancient Greece Olympics. Which will include the Olympic symbol, the Olympic torch, a couple of the games they played in the Olympic Games in Ancient Egypt, like for example; Wrestling ,which is no longer in the Olympic games in the present . I will also include, what they won instead of the metals we get now, which are bronze, silver and gold metals, but in Ancient Greece it was different. I will include information for the events I picked, including the subjects I said on top, like the Olympic Symbol.
I will also put 1 fact or something about why the ancient Greeks had an Olympics somewhere below

Olympic Symbol

The Olympic symbols are icons, flags and symbols are used by the International Olympic Committee to promote the Olympic Games. Like as the flame, fanfare, and theme - are more common during Olympic competition, but others, such as the flag, can be seen throughout the year.


For the ancient Greeks, fire had divine connotations. It was thought to have been stolen from the gods by Prometheus.


 Ancient Greek Wrestling was the most popular organized sport in Ancient Greece. A point was scored when one player touched the ground with his back, hip, shoulder, or tapped out due to a submission-hold or was forced out of the wrestling-area. Three points had to be scored to win the match. One particularly important position in this form of wrestling was one where one of the contestants was lying on his belly with the other on his back trying to strangle him. The athlete on the bottom would try to grasp an arm of the one on top and turn him over onto his back while the athlete on top would try to complete the choke without being rolled.


Ancient Greek Archery is a sport that involes to shoot an arrow with a bow.

The ancient Greeks throughout time always valued a healthy body. They thought it was honoring the Greek gods when they kept in shape. The Greeks were also very competitive and loved sports. They figured that it would be honoring the gods if they tied the two together. The result came to be the Olympics. This sporting event honored the god Zeus who lived on mount Olympus.


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