Monday, October 6, 2014

Colton's Internet Safety Post

9:04 AM Posted by Colton Bork 8-17 , No comments
This is my first post. Talent Show Video
If you wouldn't say it in person, then don't say it online
Think before you say
don't cyber-bully
Bulletin Board
Think before you post
Whats on the internet stays on the internet
You cant delete stuff on the internet
Even if you delete a picture you cant delete it forever it is still on there
Anyone can see whats online

Words Hurt
Words hurt, don't be a part of it
Even if your a bystander you are still on the bullies side
Don't be a bully
Think before you say
Bullies think they are cool

Even if your a bystander you are still the bully
If you couldn't say it in person, why say it online
There is more cyber-bullying because its easier to say it
More people cant say things to your face
Don't be a bystander


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